Painted in Blue Skies

Painted in Blue Skies

It isn’t Forever
Life in this Tomb.
The Concrete will Melt
The Flowers will Bloom.

With Each Passing Moment
Seconds and Day
My Heart will be Lifted
And Once Again Play.

I Long for Your Touch
Your Smell and Your Eyes
The Way You Held Me
Painted in Blue Skies.

Once More, Dear Lord,
Bring it All Back!
I’m Waiting quietly
In this World of Lack.

Poem by M.Casey

The Hard Work

The Hard Work
Rip and Tear With Talons of Bait
Claws Infected, Diseased with Hate.

Over and Over These Emotions Play,
Looking to find Purchase on a New Way.

Remember and Feel, Slide Through the Shit
It only takes Hours and Hours of Wit.

Be Strong, Be Sad, Be Angry, Be Brave
Call Out the Demons from Nesting Graves.

Paint over the Black with Sunny, Bright Yellows
Tame the Beasts and Befriend the Fellows.

God only knows the extent of this fight
But it’s the only answer I’ve got to end this Blight.

Poem by M. Casey



Dripping Womb of Evil Blood
Grows Dark and Vile Oozing Mud.

You Lie, You Scream and You Pretend
Making all Around You Weak and Bend.

You Silly Fool of Ridiculous Blight
With No Idea the Fetus of Might.

She Grows, She Swells and She Expands
With Precious Golden Silken Strands.

With Power and Strength All Her Own
To Drown the Witch to her bone.

Poem by M. Casey

Alone in the Garden

Alone in the Garden
Sunshine Shines, But Not on the Flower
Haze has lifted, But the Flower is Dying.
Blooming Pinks and Reds are Picked for Bowls
But that Little Flower Stands Alone.
What Fate has Destined this Flower as So?
When will the Soil be Fertile Again?
For that Little Flower Must Live for Me.

Poem by M. Casey



Endangered Moments of Bliss
All too Soon Evaporate
Leaving a hazy trail of blurry nothingness.

Did that Happen? Was it a Mirage,
A Fabrication in a Hopeful Mind?

Happy Smiles, Ecstatic Joy
That Effervescent Connection
Feeling of Belonging.

Not Real
An Hallucination
A Trick from Aphrodite.

How Fast the Grass Dried
The Dirt Blew,
Flowers Crisped.

Oh Peaceful Crone, Spread Out Your Magic,
Release Your Strands of Truth in this Graceful Tide.

Poem by M. Casey