Late Valentine’s Day Gift

I suppose it is never too late to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day.  It would be best on the actual day, but really, if you tell someone you love and care for them it only matters that you do it, not on what day that happens. In fact, don’t you think it would be better if we told each other we loved them more than just one day a year?  There is a gift in saying it more regularly! What goes around comes around. More love given brings more love to you. That is the Law of Attraction.

Try these ideas to spread love to those who make your heart sing:

  • A homemade card once a month
  • Bake a different kind of cookie each month for your sweetie
  • Bring home a cupcake with a heart in the icing from the local cupcake store
  • Put rose petals in your sweethearts bath as a surprise
  • Place a hand drawn heart on a bunch of pink sticky pad papers and stick them to the bathroom mirror, their tea cup, water bottle, workout bag…
  • Call them in the middle of the day and leave a message saying that you are thinking of them and you love them.

What can you think of?

Late Valentine's gift, card, love Express love all year long
Late Valentine’s Day gift