Day 27: “Chakra-ish”

The other day I was poking around on the internet and this woman was doing a chakra reading for someone.  If you are unfamiliar with the term Chakra here is a brief description: Chakras are focus points within the physical body to describe an energetic system believed to hold certain properties within that location. Each energy center is given a color attribute. The first Chakra is Red for the Root, second is Orange for the Sacral, Solar Plexis takes up the third Chakra with Yellow, then Green for the Heart area, the throat is light blue, third eye is Indigo and the crown is purple.

You can read more about chakras on this site: Huffington Post Blurb

After I watched that chakra reading I was thinking about my own energy fields, and then painted this piece that I call Chakra-ish.  Clearly my solar plexis is my center.  What does your centers of energy look like today?

Day 27 Chakra-ish

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