Day 24: Weaver’s Sunset

Day 24, six more days to my 30 day challenge.  This art piece started out to be woven in a pattern, but turned into a sunset across the dunes.  A friend and I visited a local weaver’s shop today and the patterns of her lovely work was mesmerizing.  I marveled at each item studying her scarves, intricate table linens, looms and shawls.

As I look at my artwork, other thoughts come to play.  On a below freezing day this week, and when the tide was extremely low (moon low tide) my husband and I decided to dig for clams.  It was frigid, but gratifying, to dig on the flats that we cannot normally access.  Abundant fun.

Day 24 Weaver’s Sunset

To read about the weaver’s work and studio, visit: Amy C. Lund Handweaver