Day 7: Art found in the Kitchen

Art can be found in the kitchen. As I looked for inspiration today I was hungry, so I headed to the kitchen and thought some celery sticks would be perfect.  A delightful crunchy break from the Holiday Carbohydrate options.  And as I cut the stalks, I remembered that you can use the stalks for a pattern! So today’s inspiration comes from the kitchen.  And if you need instruction here is a You Tube video to help.

Day 7 Celery Roses

Day 6: Glass bubbles and berries?

Intention: I decided to be inspired by green glass bubbles, winter birds and berries

Day 6 Winter birds and berries

Enjoyed a bit of inspiration today. This is a one dimensional small 5″x 7″ piece of paper that I used a small quarter sized spongy paint brush that I dipped in the paint and made the green bubble glass shapes then I used the crimson paint with water and the small spongy brush again and blobbed the berries. A fine paint brush with pure white made highlights and dark brown “twigs” were brushed on as well. There you have it.

Day 3: Winter is here!

Day 3 Intention: I envision a winter full of activity, fun and positive vibes!


Day 3 Winter!

Journaling: Finding the fun with the little whimsical fairies with the ocher colored wings. Enjoying the white covered mountain with snow flakes and pine trees.  I feel like, any minute a snow shoer will walk through my pine forest!  I want to find this snow covered grove.  Stay Active! Stay Open!

Day 1: I investigate my feelings of hum-bug

My intention today is: I investigate my feelings of hum-bug surrounding the holidays, particularly this holiday.  I feel isolated and empty. I want to understand what this is and why I am experiencing this darkness. What can I learn?

My Art: (about 1/2 hour of painting and reflection)

My journal writing: (Remember this is all stream of conscious, just letting it flow)

Blue, black, brown flowers, dried up , almost ugly.  Crying red bloody balloons being blown around.  Some sort of beautiful blue scaly tail or body with those blue, black, brown flowers bursting from the skin.  Dark blood pooled on bottom with another really ugly flower in it.  OK!  I Get IT! I am sad. I feel useless and uninterested in the old.  AH!  My eyes are drawn to the blue scaly skin, sort of like a wave of change, a movement flowing away from the old or previous.  My picture shows a lot of energy and no place to focus it.  No direction.  But lots of chatter.  Do I listen to the chatter, block it out or hum over it?  If the chatter is supportive, OK listen, if it is not, nope.  Remember, we all go through phases in our lives differently and we chronicle it our own way.  Maybe these red bloody balloons are bringing special messages like carrier pigeons.  Maybe that is why they are the most cheerfully colored of all. So, I find myself wanting to play music, maybe something holiday-ish? Let’s not push it! In any event, I feel much better. I feel better connected to my feelings which are not so dark and glum anymore.

Footnote: While doing this art, I was, at first, a bit glum, then as I started journaling, I began to feel connected, calm and much less sad.  It was as though my sadness had been captured. I no longer had to walk around with it. The glumness was ‘caught’ on the paper.  Free from the burden.



30 Day Art Challenge!

Can art be therapy? Yes, it can– powerful, deep-reaching therapy. From visual arts we can ascend or descend into the recesses of our being, finding secrets we did not know we had. We can engage superpowers we thought belonged only to superheroes.

The power of art can emotionally, mentally and even physically transform a person’s entire life. Art can open us to our own secrets, our own fears, our self-imposed prisons. And by the mere act of exposing them, we are then free to unlock our inner superhero.

I want you to join me.

For the next 30 days I invite you to join me. Let us explore those dismissed, buried, overridden feelings, yearnings, believed-to-be-cremated dream that haunt us all like skeletal mirages. Let’s allow them to resurface so that we can reassess their potency over our lives. So many times our knee-jerk  resolutions spin us down. But through the power of art we can once again unlock our greatest potential.

Our time is now. Our value has never been so important. Grab your paints/markers/colored pencils, a piece of paper and your intentions!

Join me in this 30 Day Challenge.




Meaningful Art Process!

Have you ever wished to have clarity on something?  Or wished a neon sign would drop from the sky and say, DO THIS!  Me too.  It just does not happen that way, or does it…  Your own intuition can speak loudly and clearly if you allow it’s voice into your world. It’s like Art Therapy.  This art based process can open up the creative right brain inside you and help you with deeper understanding.  It can give you insight into something you were not aware of.  And this process can be done every day, just like meditation or exercising.  It is fun and it is colorful.

My goal is to provide samples of what I create during my art-based process in the hopes that it will inspire you.

All you need is an intention, a piece of paper, paints/brushes or markers and a journal.  A pen or pencil to write with would be helpful as well!

Ideally, this art-based process is best within a group class as the sharing in a non-judgmental environment provides a place to hold the experience, but doing this on your own is very valuable and meaningful.

Let’s get started!