Day 19: October 19 Smudging and Smearing Lines for Fun

Day 19. Well, I have been at this 30 day art challenge now for 19 days and I have to say, a part of me is looking forward to day 30 and the other part of me is enjoying the focused art time each day. Today I broke out the soft chalk pastels and had a blast smudging, smearing and blurring lines. It was so fun to mix colors with my fingers on the paper and witness the effects. I could have kept going, but needed to get this posted. There is something to this blurring the lines and mixing things up. I like this concept! What do you think?

Blurring Lines for Fun

Day 17: October 17 “Retro Wallpaper”

Our family dining room had the most horrible wallpaper ever invented.  I disliked it the minute my mom labored over putting it up.  It was so ugly! It hung on those walls for 40 years, I am sure.  It did get replaced by lovely yellow walls with white trim and lacy curtains around 2001.  It was a much more inviting place to entertain and eat.

Anyway, today’s art, although not a replica of that horrid paper has the essence of that paper!  What in the world was I thinking?!  I offer it up and free the past.  Look!  It has the outline of a dead shape/body too!  OMG.

Letting go of the past with this retro wallpaper

Day 12: October 12 Wave of Seasonal Changes

Day 12 finds me a bit under the weather. Feeling the remnants of hurricane Michael?  But also a cold.  The last of any idea of Indian Summer is gone and we are heading into the cold season.  It looks like there are legs in this wave being tossed about as well.  Buckle up!  Take a deep breath.  Plunge in.

Wave of Change
Tossed About By the Wave of Change