Day 30: October 30 Weeping Beech

Day 30. I did it. 30 days of intention art. Today’s piece is a Weeping Beech Tree. I was in our neighborhood and saw a weeping beech tree with the branches reaching to the ground. It was perfectly lovely. I wanted to remember that feeling of being mesmerized by such a site.

Weeping Beech

Day 29: October 29 Witchy Art with Tyler

Day 29: I had to post this piece of art that Tyler (my adorable, spectacular grandson) and I did together, each making artistic contributions to our witch. He brings me more joy than I can possibly explain. Ty is a beautiful, sensitive spirit. I feel blessed to witness his journey.

There is an indescribable feeling of sitting with Tyler and working on an art project together. Or doing anything.  He is creative, positive, focused and beautiful.  He makes my heart sing.

Witchy Art with Wonderful Grandson, Tyler

Day 28: October 28 “Leafing Go”

Instead of letting myself get upset and grind my teeth about some negative energy, I flipped it all around and found fun and joy.  Then I went to paint and look what I did?  I am “Leafing Go” of negative vibes. WE have that power.  Looking to others to “fix it” is not a solution.  I have the Power, You have the Power, WE have the POWER.  And what “a ha” moment that is.

Leafing go of bad stuff
Leafing Go of Negative Vibes

Day 26: October 26 Young Concentration

So many of us have our heads bent mesmerized by our phones.  We are not focused on anything else.  What is so incredibly interesting in those mini portable media stations?

This young girl was completely “hooked” into her phone.  I think Dean R. Koontz wrote a horror story about us being sucked into our computers. I cannot remember the name of it.

Mesmerized by a Phone
Young Concentration

Day 25: October 25 Wet Walk in the Pacific Northwest

My sister’s favorite color is green, and today I took about 5 different acrylic colors including ocher, yellow, blue and a few shades of green. It formed a Pacific Northwest woodsy walk.  Can you see the tree in the foreground with the darker trunk?  I know one of her mules will come walking along or her dog Wil might come bounding into this picture!

Wet Woodsy Walk

Day 24: October 24 Sad Rainbow

Only 6 days left on this 30 Day Art Challenge! This piece is like a layer cake. I have been watching Jumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix and it appears the baking on that show has wandered into my mind. The incredibly intricate desserts he and the contestants create are mind boggling. Anyway, this reminds me of the layers of cake they make. It also feel like a sad rainbow. Just blues, greens and browns.

A sad layered rainbow

Day 23: October 23 Gold Fish? Or Gold Bug?

Really enjoying the chalk pastels as an art medium.  I am discovering what I can do by layering, mixing, smudging and experimenting.  There are about 10 different colors in this piece.  I am not sure if it is a Gold Fish or a Gold Bug, but it does not matter. It is fun to explore.  And the dominant color is orange, my very favorite color.

Playing with Colors and Layers

Day 22: October 22 “Lovely Whimsical Betsy”

With Autumn nipping at my heels, I traveled 45 minutes to have lunch with my lovely friend Betsy.  She is always fun to be with, no matter what.  I admire her strength, outlook, beauty (in and out) and most of all her sense of playful fun.  Laughing and finding joy in her company is a gift I am very lucky to have.  When I returned from lunch today, I sat down and painted this while I recapped our lunchtime conversation.

Lovely Whimsical Betsy