Butterfly Energy / Effect

Just this week, I heard two important storied about butterflies.  The first is how such a delicate flutter of wings creates powerful energy changes in the world around the butterfly.  Such a small thing creates a very big change. The next story is about how a man saw a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon and got a small very sharp pen knife to assist the butterfly to escape from the struggle.  Well, that butterfly died.  Turns out the butterfly needs the struggle to prepare for life.  These two stories prompted my art today.  I feel like this butterfly. The incredible thing is that I painted this butterfly BEFORE I heard either story!  OK, Love the Power of Intention.

Butterfly Energy / Effect

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Energy / Effect”

  1. Wow… That you painted the butterfly BEFORE you learned of its Animal Speak energy is evidence (more evidence) that we know [cellularly? through the molecules of the universe?] more that we realize. Now all we have to do is learn how to access that knowing “instantly,” ae? !

    1. Yes, that is exactly the wonderful point! The more I do this artwork and see what my right brain is revealing the more excited I get. There is a connection happening for me now that is almost effortless. Thanks for your comment.

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