Day 12: October 12 Wave of Seasonal Changes

Day 12 finds me a bit under the weather. Feeling the remnants of hurricane Michael?  But also a cold.  The last of any idea of Indian Summer is gone and we are heading into the cold season.  It looks like there are legs in this wave being tossed about as well.  Buckle up!  Take a deep breath.  Plunge in.

Wave of Change
Tossed About By the Wave of Change

Day 10: October 10 Unwarranted Extrapolation

Unwarranted extrapolation is definitely my term today!  Making assumptions on unfounded facts.  Traveling down a path that is not even a path! I completely do not understand my art today.  One side of the green looks heavy, dark and uncomfortable, the other looks lighter and more inviting.  Perhaps when we make assumptions based on unfounded facts, we make a heavy dark place for ourselves.

Going down a rat hole
Unwarranted Extrapolations


Day 8: October 8 Enjoying Last Days to Garden

Enjoying the last days to garden.  Harvesting tomatoes, green beans, beets, rainbow carrots, eggplant… Dahlia’s are really lovely right now with vivid colors and healthy stalks.  But all the other flowers are past their prime and looking quite brown and ready to move into their next phase.  As I look at my painting, I see a flower in the shape of a Dahlia, but the colors are of the dying flowers….

Dying Dahlias