Late Valentine’s Day Gift

I suppose it is never too late to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day.  It would be best on the actual day, but really, if you tell someone you love and care for them it only matters that you do it, not on what day that happens. In fact, don’t you think it would be better if we told each other we loved them more than just one day a year?  There is a gift in saying it more regularly! What goes around comes around. More love given brings more love to you. That is the Law of Attraction.

Try these ideas to spread love to those who make your heart sing:

  • A homemade card once a month
  • Bake a different kind of cookie each month for your sweetie
  • Bring home a cupcake with a heart in the icing from the local cupcake store
  • Put rose petals in your sweethearts bath as a surprise
  • Place a hand drawn heart on a bunch of pink sticky pad papers and stick them to the bathroom mirror, their tea cup, water bottle, workout bag…
  • Call them in the middle of the day and leave a message saying that you are thinking of them and you love them.

What can you think of?

Late Valentine's gift, card, love Express love all year long
Late Valentine’s Day gift

Power of Art Workshop

Today’s workshop was filled with learning, awareness, meaningful art and thoughtful sharing.  It is not art therapy in the traditional sense of the word, but there are therapeutic elements to the Intention Setting & Art-Making Workshop.

I was struck by the depth of each attendees individualistic approach to this process.  They embraced, synthesized and expressed their personal findings.  I am honored to facilitate this work and to be gifted with the shared experiences.


My intention today was about trusting that I am moving in the right direction for personal fulfillment with The Power of Art.  I want to make a difference and help people access their wonderful, special, unique and personal creativity.  We have so much to learn about ourselves, and I firmly believe that by accessing our right brain through this process of making a conscious focus or intention, doing art with that focus, journaling about it and perhaps sharing what you did, your creative energy flows.

For the last few days I have been feeling drained and I began to question my ability to bring this powerful message forward.  So, I sat down and did some art with trusting as my intention.  As I worked on this piece, I relaxed, gained my perspective again, found joy and a ‘calmness of knowing’ came over me.  I feel free from fear and judgment.  It is possible.  I can move this forward.  Lots of energy spinning with plenty of movement.


Butterfly Energy / Effect

Just this week, I heard two important storied about butterflies.  The first is how such a delicate flutter of wings creates powerful energy changes in the world around the butterfly.  Such a small thing creates a very big change. The next story is about how a man saw a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon and got a small very sharp pen knife to assist the butterfly to escape from the struggle.  Well, that butterfly died.  Turns out the butterfly needs the struggle to prepare for life.  These two stories prompted my art today.  I feel like this butterfly. The incredible thing is that I painted this butterfly BEFORE I heard either story!  OK, Love the Power of Intention.

Butterfly Energy / Effect

Day 30: Ceremony of Success

Well, I made it.  It is day 30 of my 30 day art challenge.  It has been a journey filled with learning.  And I have loved just about every minute of this endeavor.  I have gained a better understanding of my intuition, how to face my fears, what inspires me and what feeds my soul.  Thanks for sharing it with me.  A community to witness my growth is invaluable.

Now about today’s artwork.  This started out with big swoshes of yellow, red, orange, and combinations of all those colors.  It felt like a release and oh so joyous. About a half of the way through I noticed that this looked like an Indian Headdress and then I started to make the brown and white embellishments.  After I was finished, I looked up the meaning of Indian Headdresses.  Here is what I learned: “Headdress or war bonnets are feathered headgear traditionally worn by male leaders of the American Plains Indians Nations who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe. Originally they were sometimes worn into battle, but they are now primarily used for ceremonial occasions.”

I sat there with my mouth open, as this, to me, feels like a celebration of respect for myself in having accomplished this 30 day challenge.  This Indian Headdress just appeared on my canvas, no premeditated thought to what I was going to paint.  It was my right brain’s ceremony of success.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey these past 30 days!  I just might pick it up again soon!

Day 30 Ceremony of Success

Day 29: Oh My God!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are many events in motion and I am feeling the weight of it.  I equate this feeling to enjoying the ride on the wave, but the paddle out is work! You get pounded by waves, you have to fight to move forward while elements are pulling and pushing you backwards.  But once you are on the next wave you ride high and enjoy the view.  I get it, cycle of life, ebb and flow, up and down…  today is a struggle.

Day 29 Oh My God!





Day 28: Ode to Spring

It is January 7th and I am on my 28th day of art making! After snowshoeing today and loving every minute, I just had to post this Ode to Spring! And even though I am enjoying the winter wonderland, I am secretly waiting for Spring and Summer, my two favorite seasons.  So today’s art is a promise that in just 4 more months we will begin to see Spring around here. Voila! My Orchid.  Or is it an iris?  You decide.

Day 28 Ode to Spring

Day 27: “Chakra-ish”

The other day I was poking around on the internet and this woman was doing a chakra reading for someone.  If you are unfamiliar with the term Chakra here is a brief description: Chakras are focus points within the physical body to describe an energetic system believed to hold certain properties within that location. Each energy center is given a color attribute. The first Chakra is Red for the Root, second is Orange for the Sacral, Solar Plexis takes up the third Chakra with Yellow, then Green for the Heart area, the throat is light blue, third eye is Indigo and the crown is purple.

You can read more about chakras on this site: Huffington Post Blurb

After I watched that chakra reading I was thinking about my own energy fields, and then painted this piece that I call Chakra-ish.  Clearly my solar plexis is my center.  What does your centers of energy look like today?

Day 27 Chakra-ish

Day 26: Abundance

This lovely sunny day brought reflection on happiness.  For me, I am happiest when I am living creatively and colorfully. When I am open to all possibilities and enjoying the ride.  When I surround myself with the energy of that which feeds my sense of color, creativity and inner spirit, I am growing with abundance. This Abundance Tree appeared as my intention today was to embrace the abundance of happiness. What does your happiness look like?

Day 26 Abundance

Day 25: It’s a White Out!

Day 25 is a full on blizzard here in the Northeast.  For awhile we could not see across the street to any neighboring house.  It’s quiet, but extremely windy.  I thought I should upload my art in case we lose power, so far so good. National Grid is warning us to expect power outages.

Today was about being snowed in, about finding beauty in the things we cannot see clearly. Having faith that it is there even if we cannot see it or picture it.  I had a blast painting this winter wonderland and thinking about the trust we need to know our vision, even if blurry, is there and available. So, enjoy the beauty of a white out.

Day 25 It’s a White Out