About Us…

Stuck in a rut? Facing brand new challenges?

Awaken new possibilities with the Power of Art.  Learn how to examine day-to-day, life or even career challenges through a new lens.

The Power of Art’s non-judgmental workshops are designed to reconnect and activate that part of your brain that holds your unique creativity. Through our virtual and in-person workshops, art is the vehicle used to access imagination.

The key to a more fulfilled life lies in unleashing this creative energy… No art “talent” or experience is necessary.

  • In life… remove roadblocks and empower your life.
  • In work… open up the possibility of bringing fresh new ideas to your work or business.
  • In community… explore visions that transform the world around you.

If you would like to schedule a workshop or would like more information please email us at info@power-of-art.com

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Art for Self Expression
Creating Self Awareness
Art is Fun
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